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I've been told that I have the ability to make people laugh. It is apparent that that is sometimes true. I'm a smart ass. Sorry. It only comes out in cheap tricks and witty one liners. Kind of like Tony Stark, except I am not Tony Stark. Oh how I wish I was Tony Stark. He's a pretty cool guy. Hm, you know what a good thing to say here would be. Hi, my name's Erin.


So the tree steals the movie basically.

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How do I avoid procrastination


 just wait for it to go away 

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#she terrifies men because she forces them into their true shapes #she is the sea there is no room for pretense in her #she will not allow anyone to render her less than what she is #she will not allow others to be anything than what they are #barbossa is a corpse and davy jones is nothing more than shell and bone and ruin dredged up from the ocean floor #’calypso’ is greek for ‘to conceal to hide’ and that is her root#she is the truth waiting to devour you from beneath

I’ve been waiting to see Calypso on my dash.


“there’s no going back now” i whisper as i cut the tag off my shirt

starbucks cashier: how can i help you
me: i summon hazelnut latte in attack position. i activate the magic card "size grande" and apply it to my coffee. hazelnut latte allows me to special summon a cheese danish from the dessert section and set it in defense position. i set credit card face down and end my turn.
The person I reblogged this from is beautiful.


No one will reblog this from me. 

Think again, sweetheart.

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#tokyo ghoul

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Ame & Yuki

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Send me ‘IF I WERE DATING YOU’ descriptions

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